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Discover Praxis, Create Your Future

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Great careers aren’t discovered. They’re created.

No one is going to give you a great career. And even if they did, they’re not going to do it just because you believe in yourself or just because you want a good life.

If someone gives you an awesome job, that will only be because you did an awesome job at creating value for them.

Luck is not a plan. Being rewarded for paying your dues is not a plan. Putting your time in and stacking up credentials is not a plan. Placing your faith in the fleeting illusion of automatic job security is not a plan.

There’s only your willingness to adapt, be proactive, invest in yourself more than anything else, and put yourself out there right here and right now.

This is what we help young people do at Praxis.

Praxis is a 9 month startup apprenticeship for 17-26 year olds that leads directly to a full time job. At the end of nine months participants are ready to do work they love.

Whether accepting the full-time offer from their business partner, finding another opportunity in the Praxis network, or even starting their own company, graduates leave the program fully equipped for a fulfilling life and career.

Visit to apply, schedule a call with a team member, or download our program guide.

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