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It’s Not About The Money

When people do things for the money, it’s only because they want money for the things they wish to do.

There are no people in the real world who go out of their way to make money just for the sake of having it. For all of us, money is a means to an end.

Even when you see someone who appears to be nothing more than a greedy, materialistic, money-grubbing, shallow person, that person is actually seeking after something intangible like acceptance, belonging, freedom, security, or happiness. So when you really strip away the details, the money-grubbing person is not all that dissimilar from you.

If you want to improve your understanding of the world, stop dismissing people who seem to do things for the money. That’s not only a superficial and unfair caricature, but it hinders your ability to create value for others, get along with others, and learn from others.

Everybody is searching for something and it isn’t money. That’s the easy part.

If you can do the hard part of figuring out what the people in your life are searching for, you’ll know what it means to have discovered true wealth.

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