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How Praxis is Helping Young People Create Their Own Path

This week I’ve been recording interviews with several Praxis participants, alumnus, and Business Partners as part of a series of skills building discussions I’m referring to as “Curriculum Conversations.”

The Praxis Education experience will not only involve professional development projects, coaching from our advisers, original content, and stimulating group discussions w/ experts & entrepreneurs, but our participants will now have a plethora of examples, lessons, and insights directly from our business partners and people who have successfully completed the program.

Here are some snapshots from two of those conversations:

Mitchell Earl

Screenshot (462)


When he first started Praxis, Mitchell Earl was nervous about writing a single blog post. Then he took Isaac M. Morehouse’s suggestion and did a 30-day professional development project where he wrote a new blog post every day.

Six months later, Mitchell has recorded an audio book (you can listen to him narrate my chapter about auditioning for American Idol here) and co-authored another book entitled “Don’t Do Stuff You Hate.”

In our Curriculum Conversation, Mitchell talks about how PDP’s changed his life, gave him a new sense of self-confidence, and opened the door to new professional opportunities.

To hear why Mitch joined our program, check out Creating His Own Path To Success: Meet Participant Mitchell Earl

Tamina Zaheri

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Less than two weeks into the Praxis program, Tamina Zaheri was promoted to a full-time salaried position at her business partner. That was only the beginning. Less than halfway through the program, she began playing even bigger roles in sales, marketing, and operations. She’s handling responsibilities many people her age wait years and years to prepare for.

In my Curriculum Conversations talk with her, she explains how she did it. Her secret: rather than feeling entitled to a good job with good pay, she earns respect by creatively finding opportunities to create value. Now she has both of those things.

Many young people have a hard time taking themselves seriously because they lack the perceived authority that comes with age. It gets even more difficult when they venture out into a world of older adults who don’t have the time and patience to babysit them in the workplace.

Tamina is a great example of how the process of moving up the ladder can be hacked if you have killer work ethic and the right attitude. Success isn’t about age and authority. It’s about being willing to learn and determined to create value.

To hear why Tamina joined our program, check out From College Dropout to Full-Time Startup Employee.

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Praxis is a 9 month startup apprenticeship for 17-26 year olds that leads directly to a full time job. At the end of nine months participants are ready to do work they love.

Whether accepting the full-time offer from their business partner, finding another opportunity in the Praxis network, or even starting their own company, graduates leave the program fully equipped for a fulfilling life and career.

Visit to apply, schedule a call with a team member, or download our program guide.

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