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It’s Always A Challenge, But It Gets Easier & Easier

Whenever I aim to become a better version of myself, I inspire at least a few others to become better versions of themselves. That’s a wonderful reward, but it’s only the beginning.  

Whenever the people in my life strive to become better versions of themselves, it challenges me to be more accountable to my own values and standards. This results in even more self-improvement.

The process of self-improvement is reciprocal and exponential. The more you cultivate your own potential, the easier it becomes to keep progressing along that path. Inspiration breeds inspiration.

There’s an old proverb that says “If you take one step towards God, He’ll take two steps towards you.” You can substitute anything in that statement for God.  Whether it’s physical fitness, psychological health, or professional mastery, the work that you do will always come back to you.

So if doing the right thing feels impossible today, know that it won’t always feel that way. Take a small step in the right direction and it’ll come back to you in the form of an improved ability to take steps in the right direction.

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