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The Follow Factor

“Follow your bliss” doesn’t work because of the bliss factor. It works because of the follow factor.

In other words, you could substitute anything for bliss and the idea would still work. If you follow conflict, you’ll move in the direction of conflict. If you follow the crowd, you’ll move in the direction of the crowd (for better and worse). If you follow discipline, you’ll go where only discipline can take you. If you follow blind impulse, you’ll be led by blind impulse.

Where you end up in life isn’t determined by the “magic of bliss” any more than it’s determined by the magic of eating fast food or the magic of practicing piano. The power to change your life isn’t in the passion. It’s in the practice.

If you don’t follow routines and rituals that move you towards your bliss, then it doesn’t make a difference how happy you could be in some hypothetical scenario you refuse to pursue. We treat things like passion, dreams, vision, and bliss as if they have some sort of esoteric power to illuminate our existence all by themselves. Not so. Infinitely not so. The power is in the capacity to choose. The power is in the decision to be a mover, a maker, and a molder.

Follow your bliss, but don’t put your faith there. Because if you decide to follow something else, your bliss can’t save you. Instead of idolizing the power of your dreams, start respecting the power of your decisions.

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