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Where Are You Placing Your Faith?

Action presupposes belief.

When you engage in an activity, it’s because you believe it has value. You believe that it’s worth doing. Every time a person acts, they are expressing a philosophical conviction about what’s worth doing. Even when your action is in response to something negative, the action itself indicates a belief in something positive.

If you go on Facebook and write a status update that says “Nothing matters,” for instance, that’s because you believe that it matters to announce your feelings of hopelessness. Expressing the way you feel is an activity that you believe in. It has value to you.

We all believe in something. We all place our faith in some kind of value-system. No one has the luxury of saying “Oh, I don’t believe that anything really makes a difference. So I’m just going to take the easy way out an critique all the silly people who are naive enough to have hope.”

No matter how cynical, skeptical, or pessimistic you may feel, you’re still placing your faith in something.

The question is not “Do you have faith?” The question is “Where is your faith?”

Wherever it is, I hope you think about your answer.

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