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Who Am I?


I’m so smart. Whenever I see someone praising stupid or superficial books, I’m able to demonstrate a vast knowledge of literature that distinguishes me from all the fools who are too unlearned to see through the trash that’s being marketed to the masses.

I’m so creative. Show me a popular work of art and I can give you a million reasons why that’s not real art and then I can teach you a thing or two about what it means to have good aesthetic taste.

I’m so philosophical. Show me an idea that everyone believes and I will have no difficulty tearing it to shreds. I can do this in my sleep.

Yes, I am smart, creative, and philosophical. From works of art that have stood the test of time to contemporary celebrities who are admired by the unthinking masses, my imagination and intelligence knows no boundaries when it’s time for me to pontificate on the work of others.


Do not ask me to create.

Do not ask me to write my own books, film my own movies, build my own businesses, make my own art, or compose my own songs. I have neither the time nor the opportunity.

And I know what you’re thinking, but the answer is still “no.”

No, I am not going to turn my criticism into content by publishing blogs, or starting podcasts, or creating resources that promote the things I believe people ought to know about. You’re requesting too much of me when you suggest such things.

There are simply too many obstacles in my path. Moreover, my superior intelligence, superior aesthetic judgment, and superior ability to see what most people cannot see is only available to me when I am criticizing other people’s work.

Who am I?

I am a victim of self-negation.

I call myself a critic, but what I really am is a bluffer. I will only criticize if I can do it in an environment where I am completely safe from the pressures and responsibilities I would face if I were to express my criticism through the creative process.

Perhaps one day I will join you on your quest to alter things, influence things, or change things. Maybe one day. But as they say, my work will speak for itself.

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