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Fridays With Isaac Morehouse & T.K. Coleman: A Session of Questions & Answers

Today Isaac and I tackled questions submitted to us on Facebook.

Here’s a sample of some the questions submitted:

  • Can order exist without state monopolies, even when bad people want to do bad things?
  • The Terminator-like future of Praxis
  • How to get important people to do favors for you
  • Why is success specific but failure is universal? (or is it?)
  • Should you cut negative people out of your life? (Yes)
  • Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson duets
  • How to get off the conveyor belt
  • Hayek and the size and structure of companies
  • Is boredom good?
  • Is the German school system good?
  • Lessons from seeing life as a game

We also discuss PDP’s, role of hard work in the pursuit of fulfillment, and how Isaac benefits from “East Cost Privilege.”

You’ll find some good laughs, some interesting insights, and a few good Sci-fi book recommendations.

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