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It Happens While You’re Busy Making It Better

You don’t have to be happy with a situation in order to be happy within a situation.

You don’t have to be happy about a fact in order to happy in spite of a fact.

Here’s an example:

Think about a time when you were happy. Even if that period of time only lasted for two minutes. Think about a time when you were sincerely pleased or at a peace.

Now I want to remind you of a very simple fact that you already knew. Ready? Here it is: thousands of people die every single day. Know what that means? While you were busy allowing yourself to be happy, thousands of people were grieving the lost of their loved ones. Were you happy about that fact? When you think back to that time in your life when you felt good, were you happy about all the people who were dying? I’m going to assume you’re a decent person and accept “no” as your answer.

If your answer was “no,” then that means you found a way to ground your happiness in something other than your awareness of the bad things that were happening in your world.  If you have ever allowed yourself to feel good, then you allowed yourself to feel this way even though you had legit reasons for feeling the opposite.

This is always true. The opportunity to be happy, or joyful, or fulfilled, or at peace will always run concurrently with the opportunity to be frustrated and upset.

One of the most important keys to being happy is remembering that it has nothing to do with forcing yourself to feel good about bad things nor does it have anything to do with waiting until life becomes mostly good. Being happy, for the most part, is about relieving yourself of the belief that it’s wrong to feel good as long as things still need to be improved.

You don’t need to use unhappiness as a tool for proving to people that you’re serious or responsible. And you don’t need to worry that your life will fall apart if you allow yourself the freedom to appreciate or celebrate the elements of goodness, beauty, and hope that are already present in your life.

Yes, you can be grateful for where you are while you still exude the drive and determination to create something better.

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