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Being Hated Isn’t As Easy As You Think

The embarrassment that comes with failure is typically a local experience. That is, if you try something big and fail, you *might* receive some criticism from some family members and some peers. But unless you’re a celebrity, you’re probably not popular enough to receive a ton of heat from more than a few people. If you try to write a novel, or try to start a business, or try to move across the country, the overwhelming majority of people will neither know nor care if you fail.

Success, on the other hand, is less of a local experience than failure. When you start to accomplish things, you set off people’s radar. “Who does this lady think she is?” “Why does everyone think this guy is so special?” If you write a horrible novel that never gets published, only a few people even know. If you write Twilight or Shades of Grey, millions will hate you. If you make a crappy student film that you have to beg everyone to see, only a few people will mock you. If you make a movie like Hitch or Spiderman 3, you’ll have millions that hate you.

So if you’re worried about getting started because of criticism and hate, don’t even sweat it. You’re probably not famous enough to get that kind of attention. You’ve got a long way to go before the world cares enough to hate you. Write your book. Make your art. Embark on your adventure. And maybe one day, you’ll be lucky enough to be hated by millions.

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