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Get a Real Education

Value creation, not school, is what leads to success.

Education, regardless of where it takes place, is the process of learning how to create value. If you’re not learning how to do that, your time is being wasted whether you’re in a classroom or anyplace else.

All the stickers and stars in the world, no matter how brightly they glow, will leave you empty-handed if you’re not prepared to translate your knowledge into tangible forms of service or intangible forms of satisfaction.

All the good grades and flashy credentials will heartlessly betray you if you separate the process of learning from the practice of creating.

Education isn’t about making your parents proud during a single fleeting moment called “graduation day.” It’s about achieving a level of self-knowledge and practical mastery that leads to a lifelong sense of purpose and pride. 

Education isn’t about saying “I went to the college of X” or “I attended the university of Y.” It’s about waking up every morning with a conviction that says “I know where I’m going and I understand my why.”

Education isn’t about getting a pat on the head from authority figures nor is it about finishing assignments that are determined for you by distant bureaucrats. It’s about discerning your own priorities, discovering your own passions, directing your own path, and taking ownership of your own power.

Education isn’t about getting a certificate of completion. It’s about learning to discover or design a life that’s worth living.

Don’t miss the point of education by equating it with institutions and standardized practices. Life isn’t just about what others want for you. It’s about what you want for yourself. If your studies are not leading you closer to the knowledge of what you want and the ability to make that happen, then stop wasting your time and start demanding a learning experience that actually takes you seriously.

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