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Don’t Forget the Obvious

Most “news” is dramatic and bad not because the television stations are trying to depress us or corrupt us, but because “news” is “news” precisely because it’s rare. And nothing is more rare than tragedy.

99% of the things that happen on a daily basis are so predictably good that it’s almost uninteresting to even talk about them. After all, who wants to hear around the clock coverage about all the people who simply mind their own business and live peacefully on a day to day basis?

Keep that in mind when you’re inclined to conclude that everything is going to hell and that the world is getting worse with each passing day.

Bad things are definitely happening. And there are certainly many legitimate signs of doom and gloom that should be taken seriously. But while you’re doing that, don’t forget the following: there is far more good stuff going on than bad. And I mean far more. So if you’re looking to make the world a better place or simply find the motivation to stave off some of the evil coming your way, you have a ridiculously large amount of material to work with.

The world is inundated with examples of things that are going right. Don’t let the latest “news” dupe you into forgetting that fact.

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