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Evolve Forever

You can give up on dreams that no longer reflect who you are.

You can give up on techniques and strategies that turned out be less effective than you initially thought.

You can give up on the idea that your goals are going to be easily and effortlessly achieved.

You can give up on erroneous assumptions and expectations regarding how things would turn out.

You can give up on being accepted and celebrated by the people you originally set out to please.

You can give up on a lot of things, but don’t ever give up on the process of deliberately evolving.

At every stage, life will come up with new ways to punch you in the gut and say “no” to your desires. These moments, however, are not the making of your extinction. They’re the means for your evolution.

Moments of suffering provide the opportunity for you to acquire the personal depth necessary to do a greater work than what you previously imagined. But you have to decide. You have to choose to move forward with improbable self-determination.

As long as you breathe, you will know the experience of hope deferred.

Will you let this inescapable fact destroy you or will you use it as a foundation for building a superior version of yourself?

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