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An All Too Familiar Script (Oh well! The Work Must Go On)

Me: Don’t place blind faith in politics. Learn to respect your own power. Your ability to change the world isn’t defined by who you vote for. You have a much greater capacity for creating a freer society through innovation and individuality than what mainstream media would have you believe. To hell with sitting around waiting for politicians to save us. Have some vision. Have some creativity. Have some self-respect. Have some self-determination.

Me (Continued): Never see yourself as some powerless little lackey whose only option is to sit around and be afraid of this or that presidential candidate. Who wins when you believe things like that? Certainly not you. Stop treating politicians as if they’re the end of the world and start treating yourself as if you have the real ability to make a difference. Power is not an external phenomenon alone. It’s also an internal reality. Turn the news off for one second and look within. There’s something marvelous and immeasurable there. You need to see it.

People’s reaction when I say these sorts of things: Ha. This guy is so naive.

Politicians: I will save you all. I will make everything great. I love you.

People’s reaction when politicians say these sorts of things: Yay!

Postscript: Back to work. The fight for creativity and innovation as a viable tool for social change must go on regardless of how naive the world thinks it is. 

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