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In the Market, There’s Always an Incentive to Satisfy You

When people are offended, unsatisfied or displeased in the free market, the response of service providers is “How can we serve you? or “How can we make it right?”

When people are offended, unsatisfied, or displeased with public policy, public officials, or any other activities of the state, the response of the state is “Quit being so petty” or “You don’t understand what it’s like for us to do our job” or “You’re making an issue out of thin air” or “No one knows enough to make a judgment call about what should happen.”

In politics, your sensitivities are debated at every turn. If you don’t like the way you’re being “served” by the state, then you’re treated as if you’re part of the problem. If you’re unhappy with the quality of government services, you’re either playing the victim card or you just need to shut up, vote for change, and pray that the tyranny of the majority will shine the light of its grace upon your concerns.

In the free market, your sensitivities are treated as an opportunity for someone somewhere to create wealth for themselves by figuring out a creative way to give you what you want. In the free market, innovators and entrepreneurs don’t sit around debating about how silly your desires are. They don’t waste their time telling you that you’re hallucinating problems and making things up. They just get busy trying to change the world in order to create value for you.

Don’t trust in the power of politicians and other agents of the state. Trust in the power of markets, self-interests, and incentives. Never place faith in people merely because of their promises or intentions. Trust people because they operate within a context where their ability to get what they want is dependent upon their effectiveness at giving you what you want.

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