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Friday’s With Isaac Morehouse & T.K. Coleman: Kill The Past & See The Future

This week Isaac Morehouse and I discuss everything from why people blindly trust authority to why it’s easier to predict the future than we think.

We dove into how weird it is that I don’t care to check tasks off my list after I’ve done them and how obsessed Isaac is with list-checking. We discussed the danger of believing you are owed anything. We touched on positive rights (terrible) and negative rights (wonderful but still sometimes a trap), the weirdness of doing things you hate because they are “cheap” or “free”, how not to build social capital, why learning to use Google beats everything else, and, most exciting to me, how to gain an edge by seeing the future as already here.

“It’s dead alright. I didn’t kill it. It was dead when I got here.” – Larry the Liquidator

Mentioned in the episode: Wayne Dyer, Danny DeVito, Other People’s Money, Breaking Smart, Taylor Pearson, TK’s nephew schooling him in basketball, The Great Divorce, Michael Huemer, the ATR 2100, and lots more I’m forgetting.

Recommendations: “Going All In” by Taylor Pearson, and The Problem of Political Authority by Michael Huemer.

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