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Be An Expert At Creating The Results That Matter To You

Most entrepreneurs are not experts on entrepreneurship. They’re experts on solving specific problems, serving specific people, and creating specific forms of value.

Most writers aren’t experts on writing. They’re experts on the process of saying what they need to say within the medium and style most suited for their particular form of self-expression or storytelling.

Most innovators aren’t experts on creativity and innovation. They’re experts at overcoming the particular set of obstacles that get in the way of the specific things they want to create.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, or anything else for that matter, stop focusing on becoming an expert at everything associated with your field and start optimizing your ability to create value in a way that’s unique to you.

Forgot about conventional notions of being balanced and knowing a little bit of everything about anything. Figure out what you want and find a way to create it. When you learn how to get things done, you’ll become an expert at the things you get done. If you don’t get things done, it won’t really matter what you think you’re an expert at.

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