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The Examined Philosophy is Worth Living

The most powerful philosophies are those that don’t require people to believe in them in order to wield their influence.

The world will never change because of the actions of people who need the permission of everyone else’s agreement. The world will change because of people who move towards innovation regardless of what the majority thinks.

If you want to truly make a difference, get rid of the idea that everyone needs to think like you before you can create massive change.

Yes, you will be resisted. Yes, you may be mocked. Yes, you will face unfair obstacles. Create anyway. Press forward anyway. Put your ideas into action anyway.

Don’t waste your life being just another angry philosopher or just another frustrated preacher who complains about all the people who don’t “get it.” Demonstrate your philosophy through the way you live, the things you build, the people you impact, and the experiences you create. Before you know it, the world will begin to look more and more like your philosophy even if others don’t understand why.

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