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What Do Praxis Participants Get Out of the Advisor Experience?


After our recent session on What Makes the Praxis Education Experience Unique, Derek Magill and I got together to discuss the Praxis advising experience.

Topics of discussion include:

  • How we choose our Praxis advisers.
  • What’s the role of an adviser?
  • How Praxis approaches leadership and how the differs from the traditional student/teacher relationship.
  • Why personal development is just as important to us as professional development.
  • The value of getting 1-on-1 attention in your education experience.
  • Why we approach education from a learner-oriented perspective rather than a teacher-orientated perspective.
  • How Praxis differs from both online learning and conventional schooling.

You can check our conversation via the video below. To learn more about Praxis, download our program guide or schedule a call with an adviser here.

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