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Stay Sane (Even When They Disagree)

Q: If someone refuses to listen to me explain my philosophy of freedom, what should I do?

A: Use the experience as an opportunity to learn. Question your assumptions. Look for ways to improve your sense of timing and delivery. Look for ways to establish a human connection with your audience through vulnerability and empathy. Look for ways to capture their interest with creativity.

Q. What if they still refuse to listen to me?

A: Put your philosophy of freedom into practice and respect their right to be uninterested in what you have to say. Nothing says “I feel desperate and unfree” more than when you lose  self-control just because someone is unmoved by your message.

Don’t equate being passionate about the truth with being psychologically dependent on everyone else agreeing with you.

If you want to help cure the world of its madness, you have to find a way to mantain your own sanity even when others react to you as if you’ve gone mad

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