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Don’ Talk Trash About The Air You Breathe

…but if you do, at least keep breathing.

That advice is inspired by some words spoken to me by a philosophy professor:

There’s a difference between talking trash about the air you breathe and actually trying to breathe without air.

It’s my conviction that mocking the value of philosophy is like talking trash about the air you breathe. Living without philosophy is like trying to breathe without air.

I discuss my views on the value of philosophy in more detail in a blog post I recently penned for the Praxis blog. You can check out that post here: Who Needs Philosophy?

Additionally, we’ve recently made the Praxis philosophy module available to the general public for free. We believe that being a good entrepreneur means being a clear-headed thinker. The best entrepreneurs are really philosophers who put their ideas into action in the marketplace. That’s why we encourage our Praxis participants to spend one month delving into the materials in our 30-day course. To preview the course, click on the image below:



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