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The Greatest Conspiracy

The greatest danger isn’t that too many people will fail to show up at the voting booth. The greatest danger is that too few people will ever take themselves seriously as creative forces.

What concerns me isn’t the fact that we mock politicians. It’s the fact that we mock any messages that dare to tell us that we’re more powerful than politicians.

What scares me isn’t that my neighbor might vote for the “wrong” person. What scares me is that my neighbor probably defines “power” in a way that makes his existence relevant only when he’s voting for someone other than himself.

The greatest conspiracy isn’t some hidden agenda to get a certain crooked person into office. The greatest conspiracy is to have a world where people genuinely scoff at the idea that they have the permission and power to be the predominant creative forces in their own lives.

The greatest conspiracy isn’t that we’re being secretly screwed by a shadow government. The greatest conspiracy is that we’ve been duped into believing that freedom is only possible through a process of systemic begging and wishing. Even worse, that we’ve been brainwashed into believing that our efforts to be free are a waste of time no matter what we do.

The next time you find yourself saying “we can’t win.” Ask yourself who wins when you allow yourself to believe that losing is inevitable?

The next time you find yourself laughing at someone who dares to remind you of your own power, ask yourself who’s laughing at you as you laugh at the idea of your own power?

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