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The Calm, Cool, & Collective Game

Imagine a reality-based game show where the producers rewarded you with money for going through trying situations without losing your cool.

Here’s the basic idea: a professional camera crew follows you around for an entire day. You go to your usual job and you still engage in all your usual activities with all your usual friends. There would just be one caveat: whenever something really annoying or aggravating happens, you receive $10,000 for exercising self-control or reacting to the problem with a sense of humor.

Could you do it? How much money do you think you could make in a day? A week? Most people I know say they could easily make 100-200K a day with a challenge like that.

I don’t know any TV producers interested in creating a show like that, but here’s my challenge to you: Play the game anyway. For the next 24-48 hours pretend that you’ll receive 10K every time you respond to your challenges with wisdom and wit, with a sense of humor and hubris. You just might surprise yourself by how good you are at being creative, patient, and resilient during difficult situations.

I’m not asking you to live this way all the time. For starters, that’s too much pressure and it just gives you a really good excuse to not do it at all. Additionally, it’s not always fitting to laugh off your problems. Sometimes you should get mad. I’m only asking you to do it as a tiny little experiment in personal development for 1-2 days.

“But why should I play this game if I’m not getting any money?” you might ask.

The answer is simple. Do it for reasons that are far more valuable than money. Do it for self-discovery. Do it for peace of mind. Do it for fun.


T.K. Coleman

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