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Friday’s With Isaac Morehouse: Representational Systems, Moments of Transcendence, & Status Quo Bias

I’m in New York City this weekend. So it was pretty exciting to do an episode on the Isaac Morehouse podcast with this view of the Hudson river as my backdrop.



Unbeknown to me, Chuck Grimmet, my former friend and current host, thought it would be a funny idea to capture this picture of me doing the podcast in my pajamas.



Not cool. Not cool at all. I guess authenticity is king, right? Either way, Isaac and I had a lot of fun on today’s episode. We discussed the placebo effect and how we often overlook it’s positive implications. We also talk about positive affirmations and why they usually don’t work. We also talk about the Chicago Cubs and how sports brings people together. Then we discuss the concept of sensory modalities, representational systems, and how to tinker with your own subjective experiences.

And for the record, here’s a better picture of me in New York. Cheers 😉


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