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It All Matters

You never lose by putting in an honest day’s work.

Putting your best foot forward isn’t about who pats you on the back. It’s about who you become in the process.

Are you holding yourself back from giving your best simply because there’s no guarantee of external reward? Are you “despising the days of small beginnings” in hope of a big payday that’s truly worthy of your efforts? Are you overlooking opportunities to go beyond your job description because you can’t see how it leads to a promotion? Are you dismissing the value of value-creation because you’re afraid you’ll go unappreciated?

The law of karma says “What goes around comes around.” I like to say “What goes around comes around, but it doesn’t necessarily come in a round about way.” As my father often says, “You reap *what* you sow, but not necessarily *where* you sow.”

Your good deeds may go unrewarded by the people you help, but they won’t go unrewarded.

Whenever you make others better, you get to become a better version of your own self. Whenever you create value for the outer world, you create value for your inner world.

Don’t hold yourself back while you wait for something that matters.¬†Every act of integrity and creativity matters. Even when no one is looking, it matters.

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