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Fly the W

Tonight the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

It’s been 108 years since they last did this.

It’s been the longest World Series drought in baseball history.

At one point they had a 5-1 lead, but they blew it. Then they had an 8-6 lead. They almost blew that one too.

The game went extra innings and there was even a rain delay. At several moments, it looked as if the curse of the Billy Goat (look it up for yourself) was real.

Nevertheless, the Cubs won. It wasn’t easy, but they won. They nearly gave all their fans a heart attack, but they won. They literally had to fight through the rain and overcome incredible odds, but they found a way to win.

Some people are given nice things. Others ascend to the heavens and snatch those things from the hands of the gods. Case in point: The Chicago Cubs!

Cubs Manager Joe Maddon knew what he was talking about when he uttered the following words after first joining the Cubs two years ago: “Never permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure.”

It seems that his team heard his words, took them to heart, and held on to them for dear life when things got tough. Baseball fan or not, I don’t think it’s a bad idea for us to do the same.

A toast to the Cubs. A toast to you and I taking advantage of every opportunity get inspired by the victories of others.



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