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Controversy: It’s Not What You Think

Until you start fighting for people’s possibilities, until you start showing people what their true options are, until you start teaching people how to give themselves permission to live freely, you have no idea what controversy is.

We’ve been taught to believe that controversy is what happens when we use swear words or when we talk about sex. No, my friends. If you want to find out what controversy is, start informing people about how powerful they are. Then sit back and watch how hard it is for them entertain that message. Then sit back and watch how quickly the agents of the matrix begin to get their feathers ruffled.

Ask yourself “What is it about the way our children are educated that makes it so difficult for them to become adults who embrace the notion that they can realistically function as agents of change in an unfree world?” The system isn’t broken. The system is doing what exactly what it’s designed to do.

We live in a world where people will accept almost anything as true so long as it’s endorsed by an authority figure of some kind. Anything except for the idea that they don’t need authority figures to save them.

We didn’t arrive here by mistake, but I should probably stop while I’m ahead. Otherwise, the authority figures will brand me as a conspiracy theorist and all the “rational” people will hold hands and sing “banish this crazy man from our sacred circles. He is a witch who dares to teach our children that they are more powerful than what our schools permit them to believe. Away with thee. Away with thine forbidden heresy.”

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