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Take That Chance

Me: Here’s an example of how the world became a freer place through entrepreneurship, art, and innovation without anyone relying on the political process to move the agenda forward. Here’s an example of how creativity rather than coercion resulted in greater freedom and prosperity for everyone.

Statists: Sure, that’s great, mister motivation man. Great attitude. Too bad those amazing things you mentioned don’t solve A, B, & C. Try sharing your little optimistic messages with people who still suffer from X, Y,  & Z.

Science: Here’s some concrete evidence showing how the person you voted for failed to keep multiple promises, did the opposite of what they said they would do, and made several things worse all in the name of helping the country.

Statists: Don’t be so pessimistic, man. Keep the faith. The system is imperfect, but so is everything else. It’ll get better. Things will be different this time around. Candidate X is real special. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

Me: Sigh!

Some people will tell you to “keep the faith” during these times. I say the opposite: lose the faith. Lose faith in the idea that some political savior is going to swoop down and make it all better. We will never realize our full potential to change the world through radical individuality, creativity, and innovation until we stop buying into the illusion that power is primarily external and political.

If you’re going to be afraid of someone, be afraid of yourself. Be afraid of the possibility that you’re living too passively. Be afraid of the idea that you’re much too patient with your own mediocrity. Be afraid of the possibility that you don’t take your power seriously enough. The notion that you might fail to live up to your own potential should give you much greater nightmares than the prospect that candidate X or candidate Y will win the election.

If you’e willing to keep believing in politics no matter how often politicians fail you, why not apply some of that persistence to believing in yourself? I know that this message is completely opposed to what we’re constantly being sold by the fear machine, but is it really that hard to believe that you can create a freer society outside of political processes? Is it really that hard to believe that we can innovate around inefficient and oppressive systems? Is it really that hard to believe that we can play chess while politicians play checkers? Maybe it is. Maybe this is too hard to believe. That’s okay. Just take a small percentage of the faith that makes you willing to go vote for candidates that you don’t even like and apply that to trying something new. You’ve voted for everyone else. Why not take a chance and vote for yourself?

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