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Your Power is Not a Backup Plan

Don’t place your faith in the power of creativity and innovation merely because you believe the “wrong” candidate won. Place your faith in the power of creativity and innovation because that’s how the world has always moved forward regardless of who occupied positions of political power at any given time.

We should always feel a sense of urgency about challenging the status quo, coming up with alternatives, and refusing to accept our current reality as the final answer. We should always be striving towards new and better ways of getting things done. We should always be asking ourselves “how can we make the world a better and freer place without requiring permission from authority figures?” We should always be investing time and energy into the process of subverting the forces that prevent us from living fully and freely. Always.

Our need to have faith in ourselves is not some sort of second-rate consolation prize that only matters when we feel like the system has failed us. It is the very foundation of our freedom and it should be our primary focus even when the system seems to be working just fine.

As long as we see the cultivation and assertion of our individual power as something to be invoked only when our “saviors” fail us, we are guilty of mistaking the cause for the effect.

Creativity isn’t something you settle for when life lets you down. Creativity is life itself.

Your role as a creative force who possesses the ability to innovate around existing systems is not the backup plan. It’s the main plan. It’s the only path to progress that has ever existed in this imperfect world.

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