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Think in Terms of “We” Instead of “Me”

What’s in it for them?

This is a question that should be hanging out somewhere in the back of your mind during every single interaction you have with another human being.

Are you trying to get someone to go to the movies with you this weekend? What’s in it for them?

Are you trying to get someone to accept your point of view? What’s in it for them?

Are you trying to get someone to buy your product, read your blog, or listen to your music? What’s in it for them?

I’m frequently asked the follow question by ambitious young people: “What’s the most valuable skill I can learn?”

When people ask this, they’re usually expecting an answer like “learn how to code” or “learn how to use salesforce” or “learn how to analyze financial statements.” My favorite answer, however, is “learn how to get really good at knowing what people are looking for.”

When you become a genius at articulating your ideas and interests in terms of what other people want, you will have mastered the ultimate skill.

People may or may not be interested in what *you* want, but they’re always interested in themselves. You don’t need to learn any special tricks if you want to get people interested. They’re already interested. Just find out what it is that they’re interested in and show them how your aims and agendas are connected to theirs.

The next time you get ready to make an offer, an argument, or a proposition, don’t limit your focus to what you’re trying to convey. As Simon Sinek says, “start with why” and challenge yourself to think clearly about the difference you want to make for others.


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