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Reframing Limitations and Selling Your Strengths (Podcast Episode with Isaac Morehouse)

This is the first edition of the new format of the Isaac Morehouse podcast. Monday episodes with Isaac and TK, featuring deep dives into philosophy, education, tech, and personal development.

This week is all about reframing limitations and selling your strengths.

Why do so many people argue for their limitations?

In the face of opportunities, people start talking about their weakness or why they aren’t the person for the job. They don’t even get started before they tell you why you won’t want to hire them.

What motivates people to argue for their limitations and how can you do a better job of selling your strengths?

Get the answer plus:

  • Favorite basketball movies
  • Cubs win the World Series & Passive aggressive church league softball prayers
  • Don’t argue for your limitations
  • Why job posting requirements are always flexible
  • People want to be sold
  • People are debating implications, but they think they’re debating facts
  • The power of turning statements into questions
  • How TK learned coaching from Columbo
  • Applying your Socratic method to yourself
  • Modern day challenges don’t mean life was better in the past
  • Why we find ourselves fighting for things we don’t actually want
  • Follow your dreams, but let your dreams follow you
  • TK’s audition for a Nascar commercial & when will he go back to acting?
  • How can you get around limitations and unmet requirements during your job search?

This is a fun one. Check it out via this link right here or by listening below:


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