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Small Things That Make A Big Difference

Here’s a Twitter notification I recently received:

On the surface, this tweet appears to be nothing more than a small gesture from someone who happened to associate a book title with my personal philosophy. This person knows that I’m the Education Director for Praxis and she thought I might be interested in sharing this resource with the participants in my program. Nothing to get too excited about, right? As with most things, however, there’s a valuable lesson here if you look a little deeper:

One of the advantages that comes with owning your dreams, being open about what you want to create, and having an optimistic mindset is that it makes other people think of you when they stumble upon resources that might help you.

Once upon a time, I felt all alone when it came to feeling supported, making connections, finding my tribe, and procuring the tools I needed to succeed. Nowadays, I can’t even go 24 hours without someone introducing me to some lecture, book, article, or person that makes them think of me because of the stances I’ve taken, the risks I’ve absorbed, and the challenges I’ve endured.

Every week I receive emails that provide me with concepts and tools that assist me on my path to becoming the best possible version of myself. This didn’t happen overnight nor did it happen without a fight.

There is a kind of advantage that comes with privilege and there is a kind of advantage that comes with persistence. Even when you lack the former, don’t underestimate your power to create the latter.


T.K. Coleman

PS: Thanks to Cheryl and the many others who’ve shared cool books, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc., with me over the years. It’s a small thing that’s made a world of a difference. I appreciate your support.

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