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Fake News Blues

Fake news: A fake concept created by fake authority figures using fake standards to protect you from fake enemies out of a fake concern for the good of humanity.

Dear humans,

We know you are too stupid to think for yourselves. Do not fear. We will save your puny little minds by shielding you from any sources of information that are deemed unworthy by the Powers That Be. Even though there has always been a combination of misinformation and information in nearly every resource since the beginning of time, this is a new era. The ability to think for yourself is no longer sufficient for our highly advanced world. We will simply tell you what to read and what to ignore. And don’t worry about the authenticity of our motives, agendas, and standards. We love you. When we tell you what to think, it’s always for your own good.


The Matrix

My friends,

I’m not here to tell you what newspapers, tv stations, and journalists you should trust. That’s neither my place nor my priority. I’m here to tell you what many before me have already said: think for yourself. That’s a philosophy you can always bank on. From 1000 years ago to 1000 years from now, that will always be a key. Think for yourself. You already knew this, of course. But in a world where others are constantly striving to do our thinking for us, I thought I’d offer a little reminder.


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