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Reflections on Race

Steve Patterson recently had me appear on his podcast, Patterson in Pursuit, to discuss the oft-dreaded topic of….(drumroll)…race relations in America.

If there’s any topic that’s known for “generating more heat than light”, as Ravi Zacharias would say, it’s race.

Well, Steve and I set out to have a civil, candid, and honest discussion about that very subject. After having our initial discussion, I became the first guest to make repeat appearances on his podcast and our two episodes on this topic have been his most popular episodes thus far.

We apparently created enough buzz to get a shout out on this episode of The Minimalist podcast.



It’s a lengthy conversation (two parts and counting), but I think you’ll enjoy many of the distinctions and conceptual clarifications that arise from it.

Check it out via the links below:

If you’d like to hear more of my thoughts on this issue, here’s an older podcast appearance I made last year on The Human Current Podcast. Our topic of discussion was System Theories, Racism & Human Relationships. It was a fun conversation.

You can check out that episode below:

I hope you enjoy.



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