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Stay Motivated!

Stay motivated. Stay focused. Stay in control of your own mind.

There’s a lot of crazy and controversial stuff going on in the world, as is the case with every generation, but you’re not helping anybody if you let the plethora of bad news drag you into the dumps of despair.

And please, please, please don’t commit the tired fallacy of assuming that being motivated is the same thing as binge watching episodes of Oprah or walking around with a smile on your face all day like you just got hired at the circus. Being motivated is about pushing yourself to get sh*t done even when the whole world is screaming “but it’s all going to hell.”

If everything was awesome all the time, you wouldn’t need to be motivated. You could just lazily gaze in any direction and see tons of fluffy and flowery things that make you feel inspired without ever having to consciously direct your attention. But that train has left the station.

We live on a planet with problems and we simply can’t afford to endorse the delusional, irrational, irresponsible, wishful, and naive thinking of those who believe that we must wait until the world gets better first before we take responsibility for making it that way ourselves.

Refuse to be taken in by such nonsense. There’s work to be done.

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