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All Acquaintances Are Not Allies


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An acquaintance is someone who loves to hang out with you. An ally is someone who will encourage you to pursue your goals and handle your responsibilities even if that cuts into some of your hangout sessions together.

An acquaintance wants your time. An ally respects your time.

An acquaintance is someone who accepts you for who you are. An ally is someone who challenges you to step up your game, shun complacency, and seize the opportunities to become who you can really be.

An acquaintance loves your personality. An ally loves your potential.

An acquaintance gives you compliments for the things you do well. An ally gives you criticism for the things you need to do better.

An acquaintance praises you for being cool. An ally pushes you to build character.

An acquaintance parties with you when times are good. An ally puts up with you when times are bad.

Having friends is not always the same as having fun. Some people are great for grabbing a beer with, but they’re horrible for going to battle with. Know the difference.

Wise are the eyes that can distinguish acquaintances from allies.

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