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A Quick Question About That Brilliant Idea You Have

Photo by G. Crescoli on Unsplash

What’s so good about it if you’re not acting on it?

This is not only a question for artists, entrepreneurs, and other people who identify themselves as doers. It’s also for philosophers, thinkers, visionaries, and self-proclaimed “idea guys.” If you truly find a concept to be fascinating, why not create space in your life to play with it, to experiment with it, to see where it takes you when you combine it with a little initiative? If you’re really moved by an idea, then why aren’t you actually moving?

Why settle for saying “I have a bunch of good ideas” when you can share those ideas with the world?

Critical thinking isn’t just about what you think. It’s about what you’re committed to creating. And being creative isn’t just an ontological state. It’s a pragmatic function. You only get to *be* a creative person when you *do* creative work.

Don’t just believe in your ideas. Bet on them.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more: Dreams don’t come true. Decisions do.

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