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It’s Not The Advice, It’s How You Apply It

Advice giveth and advice taketh away.

Information is free, but choices are not. They always involve hidden costs and unknown variables. Whenever you act on an idea, there’s a chance that it works out better or worse for you than the people you got the idea from.

In your efforts to study “the success secrets of the rich and famous,” don’t forget the following: every good conceptual tool has a context within which it is harmful or unwise to use.

Keep learning and keep creating, but don’t waste your time looking for something┬áthat’s risk-free.

Risk-free advice doesn’t exist — no matter what all those articles about “what successful CEO’s eat for breakfast” tell you.

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  1. Just what I needed to hear today, because this is very much what I talk about in my coaching practice. I am working very hard to teach people that there are no “magic formulas for success”, and the experience that someone else has had with the particular idea, strategy or tactic has nothing to do with them. They are unique in every way; different circumstances, different experiences, different times, different mindsets, etc, and all they can do is find or create ideas, experiment with the ideas, see what happens, and learn from that.

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