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Make The Strangers Mad

If you’re advocating what I believe, just say it in the funniest or catchiest way possible.

If you’re doing anything else, please include a preface, a lexicon, a bibliography, and enough footnotes to ensure no one in the history of humankind ever misunderstands.


The Internet


If you truly want to have an impact, don’t hedge. Or as Gary Vaynerchuck says “don’t be the guy in the middle.” Write with conviction.

Don’t write for voices in your imagination that uncharitably scrutinize every possible loophole in what you say. Write for the audience who actually cares to listen to the things you care to write about. Non-believers and hecklers exist for every philosophy. There’s no use in trying to avoid them.

Isaac Morehouse once told me that “most people sell their souls for nothing more than not having a stranger get mad at them.” Make the strangers mad. This world can handle the presence of angry strangers. What it can’t handle is an abundance of people who don’t have the guts make a point.

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