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Is It Really True That You Don’t Care About Money?

When people constantly feel the need to say things like “I don’t care about money,” I think they mostly mean something like “I don’t enjoy looking at price tags” or “I fully expect someone else to do the magic necessary to finance my dreams” or “I don’t see the connection between my lifestyle preferences and basic economics.”

I think they rarely mean something like “I don’t care about the experiences and options that come along with money.” I’ve met a few people who truly mean that, but those people never complain about their options and their lives are way too simple to look interesting on instagram.

The people who talk the most about not caring about money are usually the ones who have the most expensive tastes. But since they hardly ever contemplate the economic implications of their “non-monetary” choices, they equate “not caring about money” with “not wanting to own a Lamborghini.” Their logic is “I don’t feel the need to own a whole lot of shiny objects. Therefore, I don’t care about money.”

And the people who care a lot about money are usually the ones who talk about it the least because they’re too busy working on money-producing projects that will help them enjoy all the beautiful things that money can be used as a tool for creating.

If you want to know how people really feel about money, don’t listen to anything they say. Just watch what they do with their time and take note of all the economic conditions that make their activities possible. And pay close attention to who pays the bill. Because there’s always a bill and there’s always someone paying it.

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