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Rapping About Race

Is it possible to be colorblind, or is that naive?

Can we recognize differences among groups, while still judging every individual according to their own character?

Is white supremacism a fundamental feature of white people’s minds – so much, that they cannot spot it within themselves? Is the reason that so many people deny being racist is because of a lack of self-awareness?

I recently took a break from my usual habits of musing mostly on personal development and entrepreneurship to join the Steve Patterson podcast for a discussion on race, racism, and colorblindness.

I’m enjoying my discussions with Steve on this topic and I look forward to doing this at least a couple more times. The topic of race is one of the more polemic and divisive subjects in contemporary American culture. And it can be quite difficult to think about these matters clearly with all the emotional and cultural baggage we carry into the conversation. But I’m enjoying our dialogue and am looking forward to improving my understanding of the issues through our ongoing series. I hope you enjoy following along.

You can check out our conversation here:

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