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Internal versus External Boredom

Photo by Bailey Torres on Unsplash

Internal boredom (being bored with your own lifestyle) is a problem.

External boredom (having a life that appears boring to others) is irrelevant.

That is, It’s not okay for you to be bored with yourself, but it’s perfectly fine if others see your life as boring.

The primary joy of life is to live out your own idea of fulfillment. Being seen as “the person who really knows how to have a good time” is optional.

In your quest to live your dreams, don’t get sidetracked by a need to convince everyone else that your life is some kind of daring and delightful adventure.

You don’t have to brand your life in order to build your life. You don’t have to market your happiness in order to make your happiness.

If you’re in love with the life you’re living, that’s more than enough.

There will always be people who find you boring. That’s harmless. Just don’t let them find you bored.

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