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A Chicago Bulls Motivation Poem for the Weary Soul

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

Whenever your opposition tempts you to start trippin’, go watch the Ultimate Defender videos of Scottie Pippen.

Watching him shut down Mark Jackson in ’98 will teach you the tenacity and composure it takes to be great.

When you face a problem that doesn’t have a quick fix, treat it like a 7-game series against the Pacers or the Knicks. You’ll pick up some bruises and bumps along the way, but you always knew there was a price to pay.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re driving hard towards your goals, being pushed around, and not getting the calls. That’s when you have to create second chances like Dennis Rodman by crashing the boards and diving for loose balls.

Sometimes the crowd isn’t cheering for you and it feels like you’re carrying too big of a load. That’s when you tell yourself what Jordan told Penny & Shaq in ’96: “Ya’ll better learn how to win on the road.”

Sometimes you’ll go long stretches without seeing any reward for your action. Stay ready because you might need to hit that championship winning shot like Steve Kerr or John Paxson.

When you suffer a tough loss and have a bad day, look beyond the regular season and keep the playoff picture in mind like MJ.

In the present moment, every setback seems tragic. But if you stay focused until the end, no one’s going to remember that you lost some regular season game to the Orlando Magic.

When you need to dig deep, pull out the Phil Jackson playbook and go Zen. Because championship seasons begin by learning to win the game within.

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