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The Credit Is All Yours

This is the screenshot of a tweet I woke up to this morning.

My talk at the event she refers to had nothing to do with making videos and creating cosplay content. I don’t know how to do either of those things. It was about learning to become the predominant creative force in your own life. Mackenzie took that message and ran with it in the way that works best for her. I couldn’t have taught her to apply those insights in this particular way. She had to do the work of going within and finding her own internal compass.

While I’m truly grateful for every single moment in which someone expresses appreciation for a positive role I’ve played in their lives, her post illustrates a belief I hold deeply about all advice: The radical and the revolutionary is rarely to be found in the advice we give.

The world doesn’t change because of gurus as much as it much as it changes because of people who have the guts to go their own way.

It’s much easier to be someone who walks around confidently sharing your opinions on life than it is to be someone like Mackenzie who chooses to face her fears and define her own possibilities.

Please don’t mistake this for self-deprecation, but I sincerely believe that if I hadn’t shown up to speak that day, she would have found another way to give herself permission to be free. That’s how it works. No one can make you free in spite of yourself. And no one can stop you from finding out what you need to know once you “get sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

We might prefer to listen to one person’s style over another’s, but the information we need to transform ourselves is already out there. When we’re ready to confront our demons and open our hearts to change, life will use even the clumsiest of characters to help us remember what our conscience has already been telling us.

Mackenzie, it feels good to have a moment where someone shows appreciation for the work you do. However, I’d like to use my moment to reflect it all back to you.┬áJust as the change was yours for the making, the credit is yours for the taking.

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