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Do You Really Deserve to Question Your Own Worthiness?

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There’s a voice inside your head telling you that you’re not worthy enough.

“You’re not worthy enough to try” or “You’re not worthy enough to make that kind of money” or “You’re not worthy enough to do that kind of work” or “You’re not worthy enough to live the life you want to live.”

Most people will tell you to push past that voice, to have the courage to defy it. Others will tell you to refute that voice, to use the power of logic to prove to yourself that you actually are worthy.

I propose an agnostic approach. Instead of trying to ignore or contradict the voice that’s saying “you’re not worthy”, concede the possibility and move on. That is, be open to the idea that none of us are worthy of anything including the very fact of our existence.

Before you were born, were you worthy of being born? How could you have been worthy of receiving the gift of life when you didn’t even exist yet? What exactly did you create or achieve before you were conceived to get to a point where you deserved to exist?  Maybe life is a gift that we receive not because we deserve it, but because we live in a universe of abundance and possibility.

Instead of carrying around the burden of justifying what life has inspired to you long for, why not give yourself permission to be who you are and to want what you want simply because the universe allows room for it?

Besides, even if you’re not worthy to have the kind of life you want, what makes you think you’re worthy of dismissing the possibility without first giving yourself a chance to find out through personal experience? If you’re unworthy of the former, wouldn’t you also be unworthy of the latter? If you’re not worthy of life and all its goodness, then how did you somehow become worthy to question life and all its goodness?

The question of worthiness is irrelevant because you don’t need to be worthy in order to step up and share whatever it is you have to offer. Life may very well be a stage, but it’s not an audition. You’ve already been giving the part of “you” whether you deserve it or not, so you might as well let the world feel the impact of who you are.

The next time your inner voices asks “Are you worthy enough to do that?” just turn within and say “Dear inner voice of resistance, is that question truly worthy of an answer?”

What would you dare to do if you stopped having debates about who deserves to do it?

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