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How to Rise Above the Fear of Getting Stuck

The people who get to have the most exciting jobs are the ones who are willing to do the boring things no one else wants to do.

The professional athlete, musician, writer, actor, freelancer, entrepreneur, you name the title and the principle holds. If it’s the kind of job that lots of people would love to have, it’s also the kind of job that’s going to require some choices that lots of people are scared to make.

In today’s episode of Praxis Daily, a series of daily videos where one of my Praxis teammates riffs on a concept for ten minutes or less, I talk about the fear of getting stuck in an unpleasant job and how that actually leads to behaviors that usually result in more patterns of getting stuck.

I’ve often said that the best way to get where you want to be is by embracing and respecting the possibilities of the present moment. Check out this video where I expand on this theme and make a case for bringing your best self to every moment.

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