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The Cost (and Rewards) of Generosity

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

Serving others is costly.

A life of service forces you to pay the price of abandoning your scarcity mindset and all the sympathy that comes with it. When you walk around with an “it’s just little ole me” attitude or when you carry yourself as someone who doesn’t have enough to share, no one expects anything of you and they extend pity in your direction.

When you decide to step up and share your gifts with others, however, it gives you the appearance of abundance. When you behave generously, people see you as someone who actually has something to give. It can be really hard to give up comments like “Wow, you really have it rough” in exchange for comments like “Wow, you really have a lot going for you.”

This might sound like the beginnings of an argument for not being generous. It’s not. Because the best part about being generous is how it changes the way you see yourself.

Once you get into the rhythm and groove of looking for opportunities to create value, you start to realize that you always have more to give than what meets the eye. By acting generously, you begin to experience life in a more generous way. It produces a fundamental shift in your mindset that leads to greater opportunities.

If you truly want to experience the universe as a place brimming with possibilities, go solve some problems for people.

Even if you see yourself as the one who has the most problems, the best way out is to push yourself to help someone else with their problems. Instead of competing for the title of “who has a more difficult life”, strive for the greater prize of making life a little less difficult for someone else.

It’s not easy, but it’s the best way to make life easier.

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  1. “No one becomes poor by giving.” (Anne Frank) Like the way you express as “opportunities to create value.” I read this a few years ago: You draw a big circle on the ground. Many people step inside and lay their burdens down for all in the circle to view. When you see the burdens others carry, you pick yours up and leave. As always, enjoy your thoughtful posts.

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