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The Real Reason You Should Follow Your Dreams, Why We Should Stop Shaming Drop-Outs, & Why Creativity Requires Work (My Appearance on The Ground Up Show)

Here are some of the assertions I espouse on my recent appearance on The Ground Up Show:

College isn’t for everyone.

You don’t need to become the next Steve Jobs in order to justify your decision to opt-out of school.

If we really mean it when we tell young people to be true to themselves, to create their own path, and to follow their passion even if it doesn’t make them rich, then we need to stop abandoning this advice when we talk to young people who don’t want traditional schooling. 

Here’s a teaser video clip for the above topic:

How about some more assertions? Here you go:

Being a creative person isn’t the same thing as doing actual creative work.

Creativity isn’t just a psychological phenomenon. It’s a practical process. And if you’re not putting your creative ideas to practical use, then it doesn’t really mean anything to call yourself creative. 

I was on a TV Show called “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader.” I got the first question wrong. It was an easy question too. It was an embarrassing error. Someone post a clip of it on YouTube and the comments were vicious, nasty, and mean. And none of that matters because I won something, tangible and intangible, that was worth the cost of temporary humiliation.

Here’s a teaser video clip for the above topic:

To find out more about my rewards from the 5th grader show and my thoughts on education, dropping out of school, goal-setting, dreams, and personal development, check out Episode 073: Dreams Don’t Come True, Decisions Do. The full clip is below.

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  1. I agree with Dr. Jordan Peterson. Education on line is the wave of the future. T.K. Coleman is truly a torch carrier for this. Love his postings and videos. As for books—I always have at least 10 in front of me to crack open. Some: At home. At my office. In my car. Just when I think that there’s not enough time to read them all, I recall a time when there were not enough books in the world to read. Thank you Guttenberg. And all the authors. Like the idea that the unread ones are our conscience and nudge us forward.

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