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Dear college opt-outs,

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Dear college opt-outs,

You really need to think critically about what you’re doing…

but not because you’re opting out of college.

Your duty to become an intelligent and open-minded person who constantly strives to follow the truth wherever it leads isn’t some kind of punishment or compensation for deciding that college is a bad fit for you.

You need to think critically about what you’re doing because that’s just part of what it means to be a decent human being…

but I digress.

Back to my point…

Dear college opt-outs,

Don’t let anyone make you feel stupid, foolish, uneducated, or guilty with bad arguments for why you should do something that you have no interest in doing.

The dreams you’re pursuing matter just as much as the dreams of all those people who get tons of congratulatory remarks on their status updates about going to college.

Congratulations on being true to yourself.

And while I strongly encourage you to think critically about everything you do, remember to do it for you.


T.K. Coleman

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