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Introducing T.K.’s Tour of Bad Arguments for College (And yes, the world needs this tour)

Yesterday I launched a new video series with Praxis called “T.K.’s Tour of Bad Arguments for College.”

In this series, I critique and make fun of fallacious or misguided arguments people make for going to college.


Because in the daily work that I do with college opt-outs, these very types of arguments are constantly being presented to them as a basis for why they should go to college even though they may not enjoy it or believe it’s the right fit for them.

After hundreds of individual and group coaching sessions where I’ve offered my support to the opt-outs who are frustrated by these arguments, I’ve decided to make a series to provide opt-outs with a little ammo. This series will not only give them some ideas for how they can respond to their critics, but it will also invite them to have a sense of humor about the people who hate on their choices.

There’s nothing wrong with challenging college opt-outs to think twice about their decision to not go to college…


That also means there’s nothing wrong with challenging the people who challenge college opt-outs to think twice about the things they say whenever they find out that someone they know isn’t planning on going to college.

And that’s what this series is all about.

In the first episode, I address an argument from a Wall Street Journal article that claimed you’re at risk of becoming a well-paid drone if don’t attend college.

To watch my response, check out the video below:

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